Corporate and Agency Client Feedback 

"Without a doubt, Outlook Associates has helped us to increase our employee retention and productivity. We’ve seen a real change in employee communications and morale across the entire organization. The response to your workshops has been overwhelmingly positive each and every time."

Jim Joyal, President, Sterling Hager Public Relations

"The anger management training was informative and well-presented. It put the issue of the angry employee in context and provided a rational and cognitive approach to an emotionally sensitive issue. It is my experience that Outlook Associates has a clear commitment to working with individuals who have anger management problems."

Pat Touzin, LICSW
Director, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program, Boston College

“We turned to Outlook Associates when we required a specialized resource for anger management and violence prevention.  We're glad we did! They provided HR executives with a pragmatic and insightful training. We’re also pleased with the effectiveness of their assessments and treatment with clients requiring anger management services.”

Leonard DeBenedictis, EAP Director, Family Service EAP

 “Outlook Associates is a godsend for us.  We see many clients who are dealing with anger and/or substance abuse issues.  It is very difficult to find a quality program that deals with these issues, particularly with anger.  Outlook Associates fills this important need for us. They consistently provide first-rate clinical services for individuals and groups, and are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure clients get the help they need.”

Tom Blumenthal, LICSW, CEAP
Director, Health Resources EAP

Our Client References

At Outlook Associates of New England, we place tremendous importance on establishing open, collaborative relationships with our clients.

With each training we solidify our reputation for delivering value and impact to our clients.

Our diverse client base includes corporations, universities, EAPs and healthcare and human services providers.

Clients are our single most important references.  Their words speak volumes.

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