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Anger in the Family Caregiver

At some point, we realize that our parents will depend on us for assistance as they age. Whether by a sudden illness or simply the inevitable results of aging, family members struggle with a new role as caregiver. Along with these new responsibilities come a mixture of feelings including anger. Reactions of family members differ…

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Flaming Wars: Internet Aggression

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way people communicate. E-mail has become a standard practice of written communication for many individuals and most businesses and organizations. As in verbal and other forms of written communication, norms regarding acceptable use continue to be established. Netiquette Netiquette, as defined by Wikipedia, is a “catch-all term for the…

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Aggression, Violence, and the Media

Is it a problem if your 13-year-old watches too many violent movies from the action section of Blockbuster? Is it worrisome if a child in your life only enjoys video games where the object is to kill and maim as many enemy soldiers as possible? Mainstream articles regularly appear on each side of this debate.…

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