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Rethinking Anger: Developing Skills to Control Anger

Are you experiencing the feeling of anger frequently, with great intensity, and/or does your anger about situations seem to last a long time?

Anger is an emotional state that can range from mild irritation to rage. Your inability to regulate your anger can negatively impact your functioning in the workplace, relationships with family and friends and can impair your health as well. Developing skills to address your anger control problems can enhance your well-being and improve your relationship with others.

This Audiobook offers you specific strategies that can be immediately used to start changing how you think about and respond to anger. The techniques that are illustrated are straightforward and effective. They involve developing your capacity to monitor what is happening as you become angry and also to help you engage in more productive and respectful communication with others.

Contents of the Audiobook

1Introduction- Purpose of Audiobook4:28
2Definitions-Anger, Aggression, Assertiveness 3:13
3The Aggression Cycle1:55
4B.E.S.T./Use of Anger Log 2:39
6Cues/Anger Thermometer3:32
7Anger Regulation Exercise2:23
8Impact of Past Experiences on One’s Anger2:02
9Core Hurts1:59
10Mindfulness/Time Out Technique7:38
11Relaxation Exercises 4:30
12Thinking Distortions 4:31
13Calm Thinking3:11
14Communication Skills2:59
15Steps to Assertiveness/Assertive Communication5:19

While improving one's ability to regulate feelings of anger is important, a person's workplace can also benefit from trainings related to anger control and emotional regulation. These trainings can help employees develop the emotional skills needed to cope with stress and frustrations. The development of these skills can improve their overall well-being, reducing the negative impacts of anger on mental and physical health. In addition, poorly expressed anger can hinder effective communication. Teaching employees how to express their feelings and concerns assertively, rather than aggressively, can lead to better teamwork, clearer communication, and more positive relationships with colleagues and supervisors. To learn more about the different workshops that I offer that can be tailored to the needs of your specific workplace, click on this link.

Rethinking Anger: Developing Skills to Control Anger